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Feeling good..…eating naturally

The Foodhealth4life project has resulted in our PALEO4HEALTH GUIDE that gives helpful information on nutritional foods that can enhance general health and fitness and may benefit Type 2 diabetes (T2), possible cancer, heart conditions and bone strength. The guide is not suitable for Type 1 diabetes (T1).  Available as a download. 

Olive Branch

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of the propensity of a foodstuff to cause a damaging blood sugar spike.  The variety of foods in the guide generally have low sugar, low saturated fats and low acidity. They contain a range of the main vitamins, minerals, fat and water-soluble nutrients and protein needed to improve general health, increase immunity and lose some weight naturally.


Healthy food ideally needs to be coupled, of course, as we are frequently advised, with regular exercise, such as walking in green spaces with some sunshine (if possible!).  For mental relaxation or stress relief, perhaps try some meditation or music, or simply just do something different.  

With constant stress in our lives, it is vital to keep healthy and boost immunity while we try to preserve the natural environment for our wildlife and, of course, for our essential food sources and medicines.  Our food comes from the natural environment.


On our website you can find paleo recipes using mainly low insulinemic and low-GI foods.  These conforming recipes, as well as some low-cost quick fixes, are sourced mainly from around Europe, including those particularly of Nicole Bond ( and other trusted sources.   

Herbs and Vegetables

Always consult your doctor before using a health program

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